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self improvement coursesBe complete. Think holistically. Change your world.

The innovative ATP Personal Development Programs show you how to positively transform your life right now.

In our proven ATP Personal Development Programs, you find the science and inspiration you need to create a better future for yourself.

Enhance your physical, emotional and spiritual health today with our ATP Personal Development Programs.

What is ATP?

Accelerated Transformative Practice is:

  • a mind-body integrated program that you practice to evolve consciously.

  • Based on 30 years of scientific research as well as spiritual, mental and meditation techniques perfected over centuries.

  • Endorsed by physicians, academic professionals and spiritual leaders as a complete program for helping individuals realize their true potential.

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How does the ATP program work?

ATP is an easy-to-use online learning program that:

  • Consists of 12 monthly life strategies lessons, each divided into 4 weekly sections

  • Requires only 20-30 minutes a day of your time

  • Is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy life and schedule

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Why is ATP so successful?

Most of us have tried quick-fix solutions like effortless pills, gadgets or "ten easy steps" to fitness or health or enlightenment... and discovered that they simply don't work.

Instead, the ATP strategies are designed to help you create a path to total wellness and self-mastery through personal responsibility and a daily, yet brief time commitment... not through simplistic, quick-fix approaches.

Why get involved in ATP now?

Time is of the essence now because big changes are coming.

Have you been concerned lately about the growing oil crisis, the disturbing increase in climate and natural disasters, and the on-going clash of cultures?

If so, you have correctly intuited a world changing, upcoming series of events, predicted to occur in the 40 year period between 2001 and 2041.

Learn more about this rare series of events in month seven of the unique ATP program.

Discover why there are life and death reasons why an integrated personal growth program must be engaged in no later than the year 2012.

ATP Personal Development Programs teach you how to awaken your complete mind-body potential.

Integral approaches help you enjoy a life that is successful, meaningful, transformative, happy and fulfilling because they are more complete.

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The Complete Human Being - Accelerated Transformative Practice Programs
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